by Lillora Moss

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This is Lillora Moss's second EP, and features 3 original songs. They are all inspired by love, and each song focuses on a different way that love can affect our lives.

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released June 22, 2014

Vocals and piano performed by Lillora Moss.
Lyrics/music by Lillora Moss.
Copyright DeguMoth Studios/L.D.A.L., 2014

tracks recorded using GarageBand for Mac
converted to FLAC using Audacity



all rights reserved


Lillora Moss Zelienople, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Bring Me A Candle
Bring me a candle
so fair and so bright
Bring me a candle
to light up my night
for my world is dark, my heart full of fear
Bring me a candle
and stay with me here.

Sing me a new song
so soft and so sweet
Sing me a new song
to send me to sleep
for my eyes are open, my mind full of day
Sing me a new song
please don't from me stray.

Be with me always
through light and through dark
Be with me always
my world is so stark
Without you I feel so small and alone
Be with me always
wherever I roam.

Be with me always
oh be with me now
Now and forever
oh I don't know how
I've lived without you all this long time
Be with me always
Together we'll shine.

Bring me a candle
Oh sing here and stay
Be with me always
In night and through day
I've found my true home
Here by your side, so
Bring me a candle
Rest your hand in mine.
Track Name: Jonah
Seconds slide silently
through minutes and hours
waves pass and crash over me
pressing their powers

I never turned my eyes
to warning light
and now my ship has crashed
deep into night

Floating I contemplate soft mysteries
fumbling to find the truth
lacking the keys

How the sand scratches
under my fingernails
how the sea pulses
through shallow trails

Crawling I’m creeping up
some steep embankment

This is the last place
I thought I’d be sent.
Track Name: All In Paradise
Once upon a time
She met him
Once upon a time
They shared a smile
But, Once upon a time
she came to see
that another claimed his heart-
would be his bride.

She packs her heart
Back into its box
She turns the key
And hears it lock.

She stands and looks back-
the path she has lost
Her boots are dry
She pulls on her gloves.

There is sacrifice in love
She knows
Even if it means to give
A best friend away.

Her path will be true
She knows just what to do.

The sun peeks over the treetops
It is calling her to a new place
She knows that she will always wonder
But it’s time to begin
And to awake.

There is sacrifice in love
We know
Even if it means to give
One future away.

Her footsteps make no sound
The wind blows, her heart pounds.

“Good bye” she whispers
To no-one.

Time will see the end of all in Paradise.